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Your present location:PROCESSING CENTER


Our company has a complete set of specialized equipments for spiral bevel gear manufacturing and other auxiliary processing equipment such as grinding, drilling, and milling equipment. The bevel gear tooth profile processing equipment is mainly the American Gleason milling machine, the Gleason grinding machine, and three 5-axis machining centers (DMU340P, DMU210P and DMU160P) manufactured by DMG in Germany.


DMU160P 5-axis machining center &DMU210P 5-axis machining center DMU340P 5-axis machining center
Disc Type Spiral Bevel Gear Manufacturing Shaft Type Spiral Bevel Gear Manufacturing (5-axis machining center has a dividing head)  

ADD:Chongqing jiangjin district DE feeling industrial park TEL:+86-023-47852899 FAX:+86-023-47852900

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